Trestle    [tres-uh l]   noun


1. A braced structural tower-like framework of timber, metal, or reinforced concrete that is used to support a bridge or ropeway





What Is Trestle?

Trestle is a Delta style 3D Printer designed by Dionysus Design.  It is designed to be super simple, strong, and upgrade-friendly.  We don't believe in 3D printing the structural components of 3D printers, so we utilized laser cut aluminum, CNC cut ABS plastic, and off-the-shelf components to provide the frame and structure of Trestle.  It can support up to 3 heads and fast printing speeds.


With the exception of the spring loaded tripple hot end effector, the Trestle is nothing new.  Delta printers have been around a while now and lots of innovative work has been done by Kossel, Rostock and many others.  What is new and exciting about Trestle is the number of options that you have to customize your printing experience from the very beginning.



Why is it different?

3D Printing is evolving faster than any one company can keep up with.  Hot ends, electronics, extruders, and build plate technology is all being developed in parallel paths all over the world.  The consumer has lots of choices and those choices are expanding daily.


We don't sell a complete 3D printer.  If we sold you a complete printer, it would be out of date the day after you bought it. Trestle was designed as a customizable platform that can be adapted to use all of the other options available to the consumer.  It has the absolute minimum number of custom machined parts and can be configured multiple ways, based on your preference.


The ABS plastic parts were chosen to be made out of plastic to allow easy adaptation and mounting of fans/cables/cameras/etc.  Even though it can be put together with a few simple hand tools, it is really recommended for experienced users who know exactly what they want.


What do we sell?

We sell a kit made up of the custom machined parts, as well as some of the smaller hardware that is needed to make your printer.  We provide a complete Bill of Materials (BOM) showing you were to buy to other components to make your own printer.  Our BOM is a recommendation and alternate parts can be obtained on Ebay and other online stores.



Why don't we sell a complete kit?

Perhaps in the future we will.  Selling just the custom components lets you, the consumer, choose your favorite parts from the beginning.  By selling just the custom parts, we don't need to buy a lot of off-the-shelf inventory, allowing us to provide lower prices right away!  No Kickstarter needed here.  



If I build one, how much will it cost?

This depends a lot on the components that you choose.  For a single head E3D v6 running on 12v, SeeMeCNC hot plate and cold end, Azteeg board, you can start printing for under $1300. Multiple heads, Smoothie board 5x, and LCD display will add to the cost.



Where do I start?

The easiest way to get printing is to order the Trestle kit.  Then order the parts from the other online retailers mentioned in the Bill of Materials (BOM).  The BOM is a recommendation, so other electronics/motors/extrusion can be used.  There are lots of options for electronics, hot ends, and motors.  The intention is to let you choose exactly how you want to build Trestle.

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